• R & D Team

    HiLinks R&D center has more than 20 engineers, key staff all have more than 10 years of industry experience.

  • With 5 national patents and 7 authorized patents, we have rich experience in participating and making industrial standards.

  • Rich R&D experience, more than 200 products have been developed.


  • Core Technology

    We have skilled engineers who can master the whole design process, adopt advanced full cavity design methods and quickly provide qualified products. In addition, engineers use temperature drift and power capacity evaluation methods to ensure stable product performance. In terms of structural design, our products can meet the requirements of different waterproof grades, dustproof grades and installation applications

  • Product range

    The company's products include power divider, tapper, coupler, bridge, attenuator, load, combiner, filter, duplexer, POI, etc. They can operate in GSM, CDMA, DCS, PC, AWS and many other bands and support all technologies, such as UMTS and LTE. Our products have excellent performance in broadband frequency coverage, power processing, reliability, minimum loss and low PIM.

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